I don't actually know how to start this post. So much is happening and almost everything seems to excite me these days. So first things first. I started my first real job last week Monday and it's the BEST (it's also the reason I haven't posted in a while - time management people). I work… Continue reading MAKERS.


Today was a difficult day. Not terribly hard or terribly stressful, it was just difficult - the kind of difficult one would use to describe a stubborn sibling. Just difficult. Full stop. But strangely enough that is what made this day a good day. Because the difficulty made me think and puzzle 'till my puzzler… Continue reading Why.

Queens of light: Pen and ink sketches

I felt a little bit off yesterday and landed up being restricted to the couch or my bed, if I stood up, it felt like I was gonna hurl. So instead of being a regular couch potato I decided that if I couldn't paint I would keep up with my January project by doing a… Continue reading Queens of light: Pen and ink sketches

Art Progression: Queens of Light – Mary

Finally I have a 'live' and in-progress art project to share with you! The first project for 2017 will be a series of portraits titled "Queens of Light", named for the type of women I will be painting. I believe that the art I make needs to be a reflection of myself and who I… Continue reading Art Progression: Queens of Light – Mary

My Beach Bum Essentials

At present, I type these words to the sound of ocean waves, while sipping on freshly squeezed orange juice, watching the sun set over the horizon, as rays of sun glisten and dance over the water... Just kidding, my laptop's charger was flat so I'm sitting at the dining room table typing to the sound… Continue reading My Beach Bum Essentials

Daily Sketches

As part of my new year's resolutions and to improve my observational and figure drawing, I will be doing at least one daily sketch of something I see or interact with through my day. These sketches are part of my visual journal - a far more effective and fun way for me to keep daily… Continue reading Daily Sketches

Art Progression: Saviour

Seeing as I have not officially started any new art projects as of yet (due to holidaying away) I decided that as the first Art post I would share the art progression of my favourite artwork, one that I actually completed for last year's Christmas. It is a painting of Jesus the Christ. The painting… Continue reading Art Progression: Saviour