Art Progression: Saviour

Seeing as I have not officially started any new art projects as of yet (due to holidaying away) I decided that as the first Art post I would share the art progression of my favourite artwork, one that I actually completed for last year’s Christmas. It is a painting of Jesus the Christ.

The painting took me about a week, painting roughly 4 hrs a day. It is an acrylic on canvas work, A2 (420x594mm). It is the most soulful artwork I have painted to this day. While still in progression, I felt moved. I hope that even if you are not a Christian (or even a religious person for that matter), that you will try sense even an inkling of the feeling with which it was painted.

I like to take progression photos because it shows me how far I’ve come at the end of an artwork and it looking at it through a screen also gives me a different perspective after staring at the painting for hours while I work.


This artwork is specifically well suited to this month’s theme, New Beginnings, as without the Saviour, there are no new beginnings.

As soon as I’m back from my summer break I’ll be posting the start of my newest art series. But till then expect daily scribbles and sketches of my holiday happenings.

Till then.



I used as reference, a photo from The Life of Jesus Christ bible video series by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The painting is not for sale but was created for personal use alone.

If you wish to pin or share this artwork in any way please reference this site as the source.


4 thoughts on “Art Progression: Saviour

  1. I’ve seen this painting in person and it is breathtaking… literally stops you in your tracks and pierces your heart with the love and sincerity that emanates from it

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  2. This painting I saw in its creation in my home, but as I look at your progression the following scripture comes to mind ” he who hath seen me hath seen the Father” John14:9.

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