Daily Sketches

As part of my new year’s resolutions and to improve my observational and figure drawing, I will be doing at least one daily sketch of something I see or interact with through my day.

These sketches are part of my visual journal – a far more effective and fun way for me to keep daily accounts of my life. Sketching also brings me into the moment which helps me then to savor something rather than simply rush through it (which I do far too often).

I will try my best to post EVERY single sketch I do here on the blog, but in case I forget one or two you can follow my Instagram feed – which is where I WILL be posting each daily doodle.

And without further delay, here is daily doodle #001:


And just to leave you with something inspiring for the new year…

“When everything you dreamed of

seems like it’s just too awfully far,

and the whispered voice of doubt

has been engrained in who you are,

do not curse the distance

for it provides the time to grow,

What would be the point of dreams

if you could reach them in one go?”

– Erin Hanson


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