New Year’s Wreath

Most people save the decorating for Halloween and Christmas but I’m someone who likes to decorate for all special occasions.

So to really celebrate the ultimate month of new beginnings (January) I decided to make a New Year’s wreath for my front door (I always have a wreath styled to the time of the year). I also find it quite fitting, as in a previous post I explained that the Month of January was named after the Roman God of doorways and new beginnings.

So what you’ll need:

  • Ribbon or lace in colours you feel represent the new year.
  • A wire ring roughly 20cm in diameter.
  • A good material scissors (needs to be sharp enough so that when you cut strips you cut smoothly without tattering the ribbons).

I get all my supplies from Her-Annie’s in Lyttelton, Centurion.

Ribbon/lace, wire ring (20cm diameter, scissors.

1. First start cutting the ribbon/lace up into strips of about 10-11cm (or as short or long as you like). You can cut all the ribbon you have or think you’ll need at once or you can cut a few at a time as you tie. I find that cutting the ribbon all at once can save time but it does leave the risk of cutting too much.

Cut ribbon/lace into strips.

2. Then start tying the ribbon to the wire ring  with a single knot.

Start tying ribbon/lace strips to the ring.

It will look funny at first but as you go you’ll see it coming together.


3. Then finally tie your last strip of ribbon/lace and hang your gorgeous wreath on your door to welcome the new year (or wherever you like really).

Proof that even my shabby door can be brightened with a touch of creative flare (however skew that wreath may appear).

Thank you for visiting and please let me know what you think in the comments below!


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