Today was a difficult day. Not terribly hard or terribly stressful, it was just difficult – the kind of difficult one would use to describe a stubborn sibling. Just difficult. Full stop.

But strangely enough that is what made this day a good day. Because the difficulty made me think and puzzle ’till my puzzler was sore’.

I had started the day off by posting some of the work I had done yesterday when I decided to watch a few TED talks. One of the talks I came across is a pretty well known idea – I just had no idea who had originally thought of it. The talk in question was by a man names Simon Sinek and it is titled “People don’t buy What you do, they buy Why you do it” (go take a listen). And this really had me thinking (since I’ve started a blog and all that), “why do I do what i do?” Ridiculous right? Like how can you not know why you do something?

Well the first thing that came to mind was;

psh well, because it’s what you love” and to that the other little voice in my head was like “yeah dummy, but WHY do you love it!“.

well, ..uh..” And for a few seconds my brain was blank. But then it hit me. So clearly.

I paint, sketch and scribble. That is what I do. I make art. I ‘artist’ (to ‘Artist’ is to do what an artist does).

I paint, sketch and scribble my inspirations.

I paint, sketch and scribble my hopes.

I paint, sketch and scribble my faith.


I want to inspire.

I want to give hope.

I want to strengthen faith (trust and Pixie dust* haha – I couldn’t help myself).

I paint, sketch and scribble because I am only human. I paint, sketch and scribble because I believe in being human. and my art is the most humanly honest light I can give the world. And that is why I do what I do.

I was a little overwhelmed the first time I realized this, so much so I had little tears in my eyes (I warned you this would be heart talk). So know that I’m trying to be as genuine and honest as possible, just so that you can understand what really goes behind what I do.

I never realized, before I decided to really think about it, how important it is to truly understand why you do something and that not knowing can really just lead to frustration and hollow talk. So I hope that this has at least got you thinking a little, even if none of what I said makes sense to you (although I hope it does – really).

Let me know why you do whatever it is that you do (whatever that may be) – and think a little more than just saying “well, uh I have to eat and be clothed and have a house – pretty obvious psh” No. Think about your passions and why you do that. And if you love your job tell me about that too.

Pretty please.






3 thoughts on “Why.

  1. This is some great insight! It really can be intimidating to think about these bigger, deeper questions, but I think it’s worth delving into them. I love the passion you’ve portrayed for your painting, sketching and scribbling in this post, and it made my question my motives as well. I suppose I blog because it’s a way for me to organise my thoughts, inspire myself, and hopefully inspire others. I like to feel like I am contributing even just the *slightest* bit of good, hope and positivity to the world – hopefully my blog (and other ventures) help me do that! I just want to spread some love and happiness in my little corner of the internet 🙂 Thanks for prompting me to think a little deeper!

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  2. Yes , sometimes I think why do I do what I do, often heaving geriatrics out of bed after hip ops- it’s exhausting! But luckily that’s not all I do. But even that gives me some satisfaction- a purpose, fulfilling a need in society. I sometimes heave myself out of bed thinking oh no here we go again, but once I am busy working , I get a rush of energy that pulls me through the day. What I do is what I enjoy, why I do it- for the ego boost to a certain extent- daily you get thanked and told what a wonderful job you are doing , you feel needed. But it is also challenging- and I need a challenge to bring out the best in me.

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