I don’t actually know how to start this post. So much is happening and almost everything seems to excite me these days.

So first things first. I started my first real job last week Monday and it’s the BEST (it’s also the reason I haven’t posted in a while – time management people).

I work as a Junior showroom assistant at MAKERS Upholstery and Design, an upholstery and interior decor shop in Centurion. What I do is help clients select fabric for their upholstery and interior decor needs as well as a whole list of admin work.

This is the shop front. This was taken in the evening so everything was a little darker than it is in real life but I’ll be sure to get a photo in better light soon. And they stick out like a sore thumb (the most beautiful manicured thumb ever) – LOVE the brand design.

How did all this happen so fast? Well let’s just say I decided it was time to put on my big girl pants and push myself a little. At MAKERS, not only am I taking in an amazing amount of interior decor, fabric and furniture knowledge, I am also really inspired by the whole experience. I feel so full of energy, interest, curiosity and ideas, even my art seems more exciting because of it.

I am also lucky to have such awesome creative people as my mentors, employees and coworkers. They give such good advice and are always willing to answer what I feel can be really ‘dof’ questions sometimes (but no question is a stupid question – except when it is).

This was really cute – it stood at the entrance on our first day (Neo was also just recently hired).
These are custom little caricatures I did for each of them (all that’s missing is Neo – will definitely do that soon).

One of the biggest things I’ve learnt after just a week of working there is that you need to make things interesting for yourself (all three of my mentors have said exactly that) and to take inspiration from wherever it comes.

The whole idea behind MAKERS is to bring “Makers” (people who “make” things, creative and beautiful things) together to a space where they can both feel inspired and inspire others through their craft, whatever it may be.

This idea alone is inspiring and exciting in itself and just makes me giddy with anticipation for what is to come for this small business. Working and talking with MAKERS has really opened my heart towards Makers of all kinds because at the end of the day creatives are makers. We ‘make’ because we want to give the world the best of ourselves. We ‘make’ because we want to share and inspire. We see a need for connection, for inspiration, joy, and all manner of wonders, and then we put our whole heart and soul into sharing our own little piece of wonder, wonder that comes in all shapes and sizes. I could really go on and on about this beautiful concept but I’ll keep it short and sweet (yes that is my short and sweet).

Another pro about MAKERS is that where I work, everything is so colourful and different. It’s so unlike any upholstery and decor store I’ve ever been to. Unique and true to itself. I love it all.

As you walk in ♥
MAKERS has a huge range of fabric from a number of suppliers. I’m still trying to familiarize myself with everything of course.
This is our front desk (that is where I spend my time – when I’m not working with clients).
How gorgeous is this ♥♥♥ ! (all the upholstery work you see in these photos are examples of work that MAKERS have done).
Oh the prettiness.
This is my favourite piece in the shop at the moment. That is such a gorgeous print. Would love this in my own home.

It’s getting late so I better head off to bed. I’ll be posting again soon, so stay tuned (ps. even now in my sleepy state I feel excited for my next day of work…what?!).


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