Trend Talking.

So if you’ve come here to read an educated and structurally sound article about the latest trends in the design industry… you’ve come to wrong place. I won’t pretend to know what I’m talking about but I’m definitely going to give it a shot.

Yesterday we attended a U&G Fabrics trend talk. It is the second trend talk I have attended, the first was last year’s Hertex trend talk in Pretoria (which was amazing). For those of you that don’t know a trend talk is a presentation event where a design company would present it’s latest designs based on what is currently in fashion or in ‘trend’.


U&G’s event was some what smaller than the Hertex event I went to last year but still enjoyable. I can say that I loved a few of their new ranges and that I strongly disliked (hate is too strong of a word) a few of their new ranges but as you read you’ll hear more about it (come to think of it I didn’t really take photos of what I didn’t like. Mmm, oh well, why fill the world with more negativity – you’ll only see what I loved).

Upon arrival we were welcomed (by we I mean Meagan – My boss – I don’t know anyone to greet yet), we were then offered coffee, tea or juice. On each bench sat a few freebies and a bright pink valentine’s cupcake, which was cute and delicious but a little random.


Then the presentation started. They presented a number of new ranges and spoke about what would be in trend through 2017. Emerald greens, velvets, soft metallics, botanical prints, blues, black and white and an emphasis on ‘hand made’ design are a few of the trends that were touched on.

My favourite of the lot are by far the emerald greens and some of the printed velvets – they are gorgeous.

Printed velvets (looove)

I haven’t always liked velvets but they’re starting to win me over. Ps. before now, I didn’t even know you could print on a velvet (textile noob – that means amateur – I learnt it from my gamer husband).

More printed velvet.
And a pretty floral print.

From working with fabric sample from U&G fabrics for the last few weeks these new ranges feel a lot more modern and in trend than previous ranges and that makes me happy because that means more prettiness to ‘pretty’ the world up with.

They closed the presentation off with a few words from the rep from their trimmings range (I am sure there is another word for that). That part was a little boring – except for the one photo of brightly coloured pom-poms – because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love pom-poms.

I then proceeded to meander through the showroom looking at what there was to look at.




After that it was over and time to get back to work. I can’t wait for the next one. (and Hertex!). But till then I’ll keep myself inspired (which is never really too hard if you know where to look).



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