Home Fabrics Trend Talk.

Have you ever needed just that little bit of a kick to get something done. Well today was my creative kick. All it took to hype me up was a trend talk by Home fabrics, one of South Africa’s leading fabric houses. I now feel like painting with metallic, dressing with velvets, dancing through rain forests and eating myself a slice of chocolate cake off my Grandmother’s delft plates.

I had been looking forward to this little event the whole week only to realize that our timeslot had been cancelled due to many who had cancelled?! How can you cancel on potential inspiration?! Luckily the folks at Home Fabrics are the best and we slotted in with an earlier presentation.


Aside from the fact that I’m always ready for a boost of décor inspiration I really think that something as enlightening as a talk on the aesthetic trends of 2017 is a nice contrast to the state of our country’s political affairs. I feel happy that instead of focusing on all that could worry me about the country’s future I was able to spend my morning learning and inspiring.


We started the event off with a short introduction and headed straight into this years biggest trends (I didn’t take enough notes to be too elaborate on each trend but seeing as this is all a learning curb each trend post will get better as I go)

First off, and my personal favourite is;


This trend is all about drama, fantasy and intrigue. There is an almost overwhelming atmosphere of negativity that seems to dominate today’s media and people are trying to find more and new exiting ways to inspire themselves by moving away from the everyday.

Harlequins and masquerade balls, renaissance and artistic romance, idealized and fantasized, perfectly imperfect to remind us that life is merely an eclectic colourful collage of moments, memories and experiences, good and some a little kitch, but all wondrous to behold.

The Theatre trend is a creative mix of colour, textile, history, arts and anything your dreams are made of (or atleast mine).


My second Favourite trend is drawn from the nature we take for granted so often.

Birds of Paradise.

Rather self explanatory the “Birds of Paradise” trend is one that has popped up a few times over the last few years but seems to have stolen the spotlight and along with it our hearts (well, for now at least).

Our presenter started off with this image of Nicole Kidman’s Gucci Gown, a gown like no other. The shoulders of this emerald masterpiece are embellished with a sequence McCaw design. I have never seen such a balance of quirk and elegance in my life.

This is just one of the many examples of how “Birds of Paradise” is a trend taking the world by storm. It seems as many people seem to draw further from nature each day there are some who are adamant to keep all that creation has to offer alive in our homes and on what we wear. Whether it be art, fashion or interior décor, exotic prints and textiles that celebrate and reminisce in the beauty of plumage and flight are here to light up our eyes with new and creative ways to admire our feathered friends.

Birds of Paradise

The third most prominent trend is that of Dutch delft.


Delft is a forgotten art that only a few creative souls have the talent and patience for. Delft can be found and used within almost any interior space because of its rather simple yet striking palette of both white and blue. It seems that the reminiscent nature of delft and it’s timeless value is what makes it such a popular trend in todays world, like remembering simpler times past. However a dominant factor within this inspirational trend is that most textiles and designs inspired by delft have been deconstructed to form abstract impressions of delft rather than just copying it.


And now for a few honorable mentions –

Water colour.


Botanics (Big, Beautiful and Botanical)


As I was listening I kept picturing everything  that could be possible with these beautiful fabrics at my fingertips. The combinations seem endless.

And to help my imaginings Home Fabrics gifted us with the prettiest goody bags bursting with design brochures and magazines.

If I wasn’t so sleepy I could probably write more but before my thoughts turn into complete dribble I’ll close off (now that I’ve finished all 4 seasons of Ugly Betty adjusted to the routine of work, I’ll be writing more about more).

And in light of Theatre and it’s hint of Surrealism I have a thought to leave you with about the nature of eclectic creativity, perfectly imperfect creation.

“Surrealism is the Magical Surprise of finding a lion in a wardrobe where you were sure of finding shirts”

Frida Kahlo



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