Queens of Light- Mother Mary

Finally Complete! Yay! The time has finally come to show you both the progression shots and the final product looks like. But before I rush into it let me say just a little bit about this painting. For those you who are not Christian, simply try to appreciate the effort and feeling that went into… Continue reading Queens of Light- Mother Mary

No need to Rush.

A progress Story: Queens of Light - Mary It has definitely been a long time coming. I started this specific painting at the beginning of the year (sometime around January) and today I finally completed it, not with out some struggles and frustrations in between. I have not completed a full painting for about a… Continue reading No need to Rush.

Day Job

So a lot has happened since I last posted. For one, the blog has a new name. That's a pretty big difference. Second I cut my hair again and in a few days I'm going to change the colour up (Ps. I have never coloured my hair so I am pretty nervous about this -… Continue reading Day Job