Day Job

So a lot has happened since I last posted. For one, the blog has a new name. That’s a pretty big difference. Second I cut my hair again and in a few days I’m going to change the colour up (Ps. I have never coloured my hair so I am pretty nervous about this – and excited). Third I handed in my resignation. Yap and about a week and a half ago was my last day. I have been prepping, painting and sketching for the last week and I do not regret my decision one bit.

Working where I worked was by far the best first Job I could have ever asked for. It taught me so much about the design industry, business and myself (which I think is the most important part). I loved the people there and I still do. But for this part of my life leaving was the right thing to me and our family now. I am super grateful for the opportunity that working at MAKERS really was.

I have decided to focus on my Art and my dreams of blogging (cause as you can see, it sort of took a backseat haven’t posted since May!). I feel that the art I have made and the art I crave to make is such a big part of who I am, I now need to make it a big part of what I do everyday, and a big part of the life I live.

I will be posting at least twice a week from now on with bits of daily life and a progression of art as I paint/sketch/make. This is now my Day Job.

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