The Wo/anderers Dialogue #001

I remember as a little girl swimming in our backyard pool pretending to the best of my ability that I was  mermaid. I would put on my flippers and swim like a mermaid as well as I could trying to keep my legs together while moving through the water. These games kept me busy for… Continue reading The Wo/anderers Dialogue #001

The Wo/anderers Dialogue: An Introduction

Have you ever been so inspired by the life or actions of another, curious to know how and why they did it. I have. It happens so often, and almost too often I neglect to ask more. Well, for my first blog series, I'll be interviewing people in my community and sometimes without, who inspire… Continue reading The Wo/anderers Dialogue: An Introduction

Make Time. Make Art.

Book Review: Art Before Breakfast - By Danny Gregory If you have ever felt that urge to doodle, sketch, paint and create? The kind that comes up when your head tells you, that you are simply too busy? If yes, this post is for you. If no, this post is also for you! This post… Continue reading Make Time. Make Art.