DIY Christmas

My last post was about a more intentional Christmas, enjoying the Christmas season with less stuff but more feeling.

But for those of us who love to decorate for Christmas, it can be very tempting to do a haul through Mr. Price Home grabbing all the sparkly and ‘oh-so-trendy’ seasonal décor. Which to be honest sounds quite expensive. That being said we often find ourselves doing just that.

Well I’m here to tell you that I love Christmas and I’m not about to go bare monochrome for the sake of minimalism.

There are so many ways to creatively, affordably and purposefully decorate your home for the holidays without breaking the bank or collecting clutter.

Here are a few simple ideas I used to repurpose items around the house, a few recyclables and some charity shop bargains. All with a can of spray paint! Shake up the can and spray even layers with steady strokes from alternating angles. And don’t forget to use a bit of News paper, unless of course your going all out with the surfaces of your home too.

Your very own magic wand.

First you’ll need to decide on the colour you’ll be using as a base, or even an accent colour (or colours), depending on where and how your items will be used.

First decide on the look and feel you want your Christmas to have and then decide the rest. Don’t try to go with something trendy just because it’s trendy, go with makes you and your home happy.

This Christmas I’m all for GOLD.


The Christmas Wreath

I don’t do Christmas without at least one good wreath and for this reason I used one I already had in the house (if you don’t have a wreath just lying around, I got this specific wreath from Her Annies in Centurion for R25).


The Snack Bowl

You can use literally any bowl or container for this. I used a rusted roasting pan. I simply gave it a good sand and went for it, the results of which were more than satisfactory.


Utensil Holders

I recently started recycling and when I started planning for my personal Christmas décor and this post, I realized that the cans I had collected in my recycle bin could be repurposed way before they needed to be recycled.

So using a can, originally a can of beans, I decided to make a table accessory to hold utensils or candy canes at the table for Christmas lunch (I’ll be doing a post to show you how that turned out come Christmas day). After Christmas I’ll be using it for teaspoons in the breakfast nook for easy access.


Table Glitter

Most Christmas tables are adorned with little sparkly pieces of confetti that somehow make their way into your food and drink. Well as a compromise for cost and convenience I collected a few odds and ends in the garden that would work to glimmer up the table (small pebbles and broken seashells).


A Planter/Basket

Because even my plants need to look snazzy on Christmas day (and to be honest the whole year too).

I took an old basket headed for the charity shop, added a layer of Gold and voila a gorgeous wicker planter for my favourite palm.

The beauty of this, is the fact that I can use it for almost anything. A glamorous bin, a potato basket or good place to snug a few blankets.


A Good Cup of Eggnog/Tea/Cocoa/ (or water if you’re into that)

For our first marriage anniversary I had bought cute R10 jar-mug things that have just sat in my cupboard since September and had by now made their way to the recycle bin. I almost went out to buy a set of festive glasses when (I remembered I’m a minimalist lol) as I passed my recycle bin I saw these jar-mugs. I decided to repurpose.

So turning the glass upside down I coated the base of each with one layer of gold. Not quite ‘designer’ but it works. After Christmas I can keep them for the next year if they work well or I can recycle them when they no longer serve me.


Serviette Rings

I don’t often use serviettes but when I do I like them to look like they have a place at the table, not just tossed to one side only to be remembered when someone decides to wipe their mouth.

Serviette rings as serviette rings go, are pretty simple but for some reason are often very pricy. So this posts ultimate and most affordable repurpose is this – serviette rings made from toilet rolls. They work like a bomb for both cloth and tissue serviettes.

Simply cut the roll in half or into quarters, ‘spray it don’t say it’ and boom, you can put a ring on it.


I had a ton of fun putting all this together and rummaging through all my recycle bins to see what I could reuse and repurpose (and one day recycle) instead of just going out and buying, wasting money, time and attention.

The beauty of it though is that this concept can really be applied to any item in your home. One that you’ve maybe got bored of but still need or if you just want a simple but pretty Christmas. If you’re an ultra minimalist and you have no odds and ends but wish to do a little DIY designing (or maybe you just want to spray some stuff but you ain’t got not stuff – cause let’s be honest, it’s fun), your local thrift store or charity shop is sure to have a few items you could give new life.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed spraying random but useful stuff.

Let me know in the comments below what you think and how you’ll be decorating this Christmas.



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