Commission 40×50

So this is the first commission I am posting for the simple fact that it was really challenging. When I do portraits I usually do them at quite a large scale. However for this painting the figures were considerably small (for me at least) and their faces smooth. This makes it harder for me to… Continue reading Commission 40×50

Creativity is Portable

I recently discovered the podcast app on my phone and I am close to obsessed. I listen to podcasts while washing dishes, painting and even gyming. It's like a whole world of knowledge and information I never even knew existed, has just fallen at my feet. I had no idea so many discussions on so… Continue reading Creativity is Portable

Elizabeth 60×45 Acrylic on Canvas

I have finally found the time to complete my portrait of Elizabeth. Click here for a quick back story behind this faithful woman. It took a really long time for me to get round to painting this piece but in the end it only took me about 18 hours which I'm happy with. I experimented… Continue reading Elizabeth 60×45 Acrylic on Canvas