Learn to relearn

On Wednesday I started up my first official kids art classes! These are just a holiday course but it is so much fun to teach. I love sharing the love I have for art and then watching what the kids come up with, and more often than not, I am gob-smacked by their creative expressions.

The Aftermath.

The last few days have been more than just realizing how much I love to teach art. I have a new awakening inside, a new drive to create and to make, without perfection and judgement. Rather I want curiosity, passion, expression and emotion to be the drive behind why I make art and not to just make art, but to learn and relearn art.

Their second session – Abstract Nesting Dolls. I gave them a few Ideas and they went mad! They are beautiful.

I think I’ve stagnated because my view of the “type” of art that was right for me stagnated. I’ve always been good at a certain type of art so I felt no need to really experiment with anything else. But how close minded is that?!

This came about when as I was demonstrating blending and texturing techniques on what was just meant to be a test canvas. Half way through the class I realized that what I had messed about with, had actually been a lot of fun and I decided to mess some more. And I’m going to be messing for quite a while. Experimenting with textures, colours and technique. Something I have been doing for what seems like so long has just become so full of possibility all because I tried something new,  I am learning to relearn art.

Layers of demonstration turned into a tiny block of magic that makes my heart so happy.

Working with these kids reminded me what it’s like to just make something and not think too much about the outcome, but rather enjoy the process and the feeling in the process, not just the pretty picture in the end.

My lovely students.

This burst of inspiration is just what I needed at just the right time.

God works in beautiful ways. Who knew that something as simple as teaching a kids art class could move me so much. And life is like that in so many ways. We don’t see the value in guided choices and experiences at first light, but we never have to wait too long.

You may not be an artist, but there is something each of us overlook that maybe we should re-look. Find something you can learn to relearn.


2 thoughts on “Learn to relearn

  1. So glad you are happy with your “job”. I know you can teach your students more than just art because you are one special lady and I love you dearly.


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