How I came to love my home.


I have a small 2 bedroom house with a studio, lounge, dining area and spacious kitchen.

My husband and I moved in almost 2 years ago while my Oupa was still living here.

When we moved in I was adamant that this would be a temporary situation. At the time I didn’t like anything about the house. It was cramped, dark and rundown. Very little maintenance had happened in the 18 years since it’s erection. The paint was peeling and cracking, the walls were a dull off white (some still are) and everything was grimy and gross.

Nevertheless I was grateful to have a home with my newly wedded husband, so I settled.

I tried my best to brighten the place up with a thorough clean and a few decor changes.

Then I got a job which meant I wouldn’t be spending too much time at home anyway, so we hired a maid and my efforts faltered.

Every pay day weekend I would go to the mall trying to find things that would make my home beautiful, make it feel more like a home. Some of these things helped like replacing the curtain rods, others, like silly decor trinkets, didn’t.

I love interior decor, we just couldn’t afford doing everything we wanted to, so my enthusiasm took dips every so often.

Eventually we managed to save up the money to rip out the carpets in the bedrooms and put in Vinyl flooring. This made a huge difference and it sparked something in me I will never forget.

Our next step, was painting the main bedroom which had become ours since my Oupa moved out to go live with my uncle (that is a whole ‘nother story). We also purchased a beautiful tufted headboard, installed new curtain rods and got hold of a few second hand tab top curtains (thanks mom). It was like sleeping in a hotel! I had never loved a room so much! and I still love it! It is by far my favourite room in the house.

Bedroom. My favourite room in the house. Apart from the lilac wall in the lounge/kitchen (which I love) I want the rest of the house to eventually more or less have this look and feel.

After making the decision together with my husband, I resigned from my job and decided to start working on a small business from home.

Now that I was at home almost all the time I knew I needed to put more effort in to how our home felt and how I felt about our home. We had already made a considerable improvement but there was still lots to be done.

A few months later I came across ‘minimalism’. This set the bar at a whole new level. In the months I used to purge my home of useless clutter it felt as though I was shedding skin. I could really feel the difference. It was from this that the love and appreciation I have for my home really started.

Art Studio – this ebbs and flows as needed.

I was no longer concerned with the stuff in my home but rather the spirit of my home. Not the cosmetics of how it looked but how it felt. I found that this helped me develop my own décor style and hone in on a look and feel, one that was affordable, beautiful and unique to us as a family and me as a creative.

To save money as Duncan (hubby) started studies, we also decided that we would do the home improvements ourselves rather than hire the work out. This also made a big difference in how I see our home. I felt a sense of pride knowing that my husband repaired and I painted, and doing one room motivated me to paint another!

Lounge/Dining area. I still plan to upholster the couch and dining chairs as well as paint the dining chairs white – that’s if we decide to keep them as I love the way the Japanese eat seated on the floor, this is also a healthier way to sit and eat so stay tuned.

When it comes to how our home felt aside from the décor and obvious cues like keeping the home clean, we try to make our home a place we love to be by living how we love to live. This means taking the time to eat at the table together, having movie nights, cooking delicious home meals together, inviting friends and family, playing music that we love, reading good books and just cuddling with a good cup of tea or hot cocoa.

Lounge area. Both here and in the dining area, the walls will be painted white (they’re still the off white I mentioned). I’ll share these updates as I go.

We still have a lot of work left to do, but that in part is what makes our home beautiful. It grows with us.

In the end it doesn’t matter how much money you have or what style you use to decorate, it all comes down to this – I love my home because I take the time to love my home. I try everyday to live the way I love and love the way I live with who I love to love.


I love my home because I take the time to love my home. I try everyday to live the way I love and love the way I live with who I love to love.

Let me know what makes you love the home you have or how you find ways to love the home you have, even if it’s not perfect?



3 thoughts on “How I came to love my home.

  1. I can never get behind minimalism, personally. Decluttering’s great and really should be common sense, but I feel like most mainstream sort of Minimalism you run into just… Takes it too far. To each their own, though. What I can understand, is struggling to love a new environment; to warp and shape and twist it into your image of home. For me, that was pets and a garden. After that, everything else came naturally ❤


    1. I really can agree that most mainstream minimalism is taken too far, to the point where it becomes deprivation. And like you say, making a home should come naturally and each persons idea of home will look different. Ps. Pets for me are key to making a home ‘homey’ haha. 🌸

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