Never Pick a Wild Flower


I recently just finished a piece that I am crazy about. It is not necessarily the most artistically sound artwork I have ever created but there is something about it that just makes my heart skip. In fact i could go as far as saying that it is my favourite work to date.

I have for the last few weeks been experimenting with a metallic gold background and the results have me so excited for works ahead. This just shows what comes from experimenting and challenging myself. The painting I’ve just mentioned, that I love so much is actually the first time I have ever painted an animal as I tend to stick with portraiture. I was ridiculously nervous and would add a few strokes each day before panicking and just stopping, but yesterday I decided – “the heck with it” and finished it in one go.

Title: Never Pick a Wild Flower


Concept: So often, as I casually scroll through Facebook, my eyes are met with grotesque poaching tragedies and stories of near extinction, none more prominent than those of the Rhino Killings happening all over Africa. In “Never Pick a Wild Flower” I compare these majestic creatures to indigenous wild flowers. We are always told when going out into the wilds of nature we should ‘take nothing but memories and leave nothing but footprints’, in the case of indigenous species of fauna we are even discouraged from doing something as simple as picking a flower. When you or I look at a Rhino, we see a fierce but gentle creature, one of the Big 5 that we as South Africans are so proud of, but it seems that some, see these animals as nothing more than your common daisy, to be plucked at whim.

I will be doing a series of paintings in line with this stream of thoughts. Art is such a powerful tool an I want to use it to bring awareness to the plight of others, many of whom have no voice.

I will be selling prints of my works from which a portion of sales will be donated to specific conservation groups working to preserve a variety of endangered or helpless animals.

In the coming weeks I will be posting further detail.

Feel free to suggest organisations you feel deserve the support.


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