Life Reflected

I have begun to push myself towards a season of growth. I feel motivated and inspired by talented people who do good and the precious wildlife and creation all around me.

I feel the same motivation to use my talent to do good as others have done and still do.

Never Pick a Wildflower” and the series to follow is the start of what I hope to be a lifetime of my own inspiration manifested in works of art. I want my life, the things I value and what strive towards to be reflected in the art I create.

I have recently completed a piece that makes my heart soar. A simple image of the Yellow Billed Stork wading in a glistening body of water. This piece, titled ‘Life Reflected‘, emphasizes the majesty of what some would consider common wildlife.

Painting this piece was also somewhat of an experiment that I thoroughly enjoyed and I am beyond happy with the end result! Initially I didn’t plan the composition, I just started with the under sketch and realized I hadn’t thought further. Not wanting to start again I decided to just go with what felt right and that was that.


The reference image was photgraphed by Scott Boake. He has kindly agreed to let me use his gorgeous photography as reference for many more works to come.



  • 35x26cm
  • Acrylic on Canvas board
  • FOR SALE – Price on request.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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