Portrait of Christ

Suffer little children, and forbid them not to come unto me, Matt. 19:14

This piece of scripture is one of my personal favourite. The story that surrounds this verse is one that emphasizes the value of children, their innocence, purity and the love Jesus Christ has for them, as well as the love we should have for them.

I recently completed an Acrylic piece for a friend of mine. It was a lovely experience and I enjoyed each challenge it presented as a learning curve.

This piece is an acrylic on canvas portrait painting of Christ with her two sons. Samuel (age 4) and Daniel (age 2). In the painting the two boys beam at the Saviour as he beams back. I loved painting this piece because of the spirit I feel it brings and the feeling of joy it emulates in faces of Sam and Dan.

The best part was presenting it to her and her family. The boys immediately recognized each other in the painting (very important in portrait paintings, thank goodness I got their likeness down) before exclaiming ” oh and there’s Jesus”. It was just too cute.

My hope is that this painting will bring a sweeter spirit into her home and that it will act as a reminder for the boys to focus on the Saviour’s example.


The Final Portrait 



TITLE: Beaming

30x30cm. Acrylic on canvas.


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