What’s mine is theirs.

We are so blessed to be here on this amazing planet. Everyday is a miracle filled with so much beauty to behold, so much life to be seen and life to lived.

Every time we look out the window, take a walk, or breathe we can be reminded of the wonder that life is. But so much of this wonder is denied to so many who have an equal right to receive it. We are all here and we all belong. Man, woman, child and beast. This world is as much mine as it is my neighbor’s. As much mine as it is my cat’s.

And this is why I made this piece. I paint these works in tribute to Rhinos and the hundreds that are poached each year.

‘All that Glitters’ – 42x29cm Acrylic on canvas

Over 1000 Rhinos were poached in 2017 alone, and for what? Status, greed, and ignorance.

For each wild life painting sold I donate 10% to the conservation of Rhinos hoping that even my small action will make a difference.

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