How making art teaches us to pay attention

My life deserves my attention. Your life deserves your attention. I know this, you know this, we know this. But still, even with all our pop culture talk of mindfulness, how much of life’s beauty do we miss because our minds are caught up in frivolous comparisons, self inflicted anxieties or numbing passifiers?

William Meredith, a renowned American poet, observed that the worst that can be said of a man is that he did not pay attention.

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The Art of Fear

If there is something I have learnt from my brief time as an artist, it is that fear can be both your greatest ally or your greatest foe. More often it is the latter. But sometimes what you fear can point you in the right direction.

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STATUS: FOR SALE – Price on request.

420x297cm Acrylic on Canvas.

This week I started a painting slightly larger than what I am used to. I decided to go bold and paint a brilliant pink flamingo.

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‘Birds Eye’


41x30cm. Acrylic on canvas.

Artist’s Notes

This was a very contemplative piece – not because the subject matter was particularly profound but because I was so deep in thought during the whole process. You could almost call it a therapy piece. But that’s exactly what art is in so many ways.

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What’s mine is theirs.

We are so blessed to be here on this amazing planet. Everyday is a miracle filled with so much beauty to behold, so much life to be seen and life to lived.

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Portrait of Christ

Suffer little children, and forbid them not to come unto me, Matt. 19:14

This piece of scripture is one of my personal favourite. The story that surrounds this verse is one that emphasizes the value of children, their innocence, purity and the love Jesus Christ has for them, as well as the love we should have for them.

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Life Reflected

I have begun to push myself towards a season of growth. I feel motivated and inspired by talented people who do good and the precious wildlife and creation all around me.

I feel the same motivation to use my talent to do good as others have done and still do.

Never Pick a Wildflower” and the series to follow is the start of what I hope to be a lifetime of my own inspiration manifested in works of art. I want my life, the things I value and what strive towards to be reflected in the art I create.

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