SOLD – Life Reflected. – 35x26cm Acrylic on canvas board

Status: SOLD

210x297cm. Acrylic on canvas.

I have begun to push myself towards a season of growth. I feel motivated and inspired by talented people who do good and the precious wildlife and creation all around me.

I feel the same motivation to use my talent to do good as others have done and still do.

Never Pick a Wildflower” and the series to follow is the start of what I hope to be a lifetime of my own inspiration manifested in works of art. I want my life, the things I value and what strive towards to be reflected in the art I create.

I have recently completed a piece that makes my heart soar. A simple image of the Yellow Billed Stork wading in a glistening body of water. This piece, titled ‘Life Reflected‘, emphasizes the majesty of what some would consider common wildlife.

Painting this piece was also somewhat of an experiment that I thoroughly enjoyed and I am beyond happy with the end result! Initially I didn’t plan the composition, I just started with the under sketch and realized I hadn’t thought further. Not wanting to start again I decided to just go with what felt right and that was that.

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